First impressions and progress on the SEO contest

by iiithyderabads

So you know I joined the SEO contest yesterday. I registered this blog on and wrote a first post, the “Hello world” type of article, so to say.

Then I pulled some “magic tricks” to get it indexed by Google. Nothing fancy — just a blast of “whois” type of sites on a domain I then 301’ed to the main URL. Google picked it up within a few hours, and Bing was a bit lazier but ended up indexing it after 16 hours or so. I still don’t know what duckduckgo is and how it works — needless to say, it didn’t index it yet.

Right now it’s on the second page in Google and second page in Bing.

Given that I’m not allowed to have more than 10 pages and/or posts, and there are 20 days left, I’ll post daily for 3-4 more days and save the last posts for later. Or not, I’m known to change moods frequently 🙂

Anyways, keep in touch!