Day 3 – Things work as planned

by iiithyderabads

I’m on the front page for the keyword on Bing and still dancing on 3rd-4th in Google. No rankings yet on Duckduckgo, but I guess it’s a matter of time till they pick it up.

It’s funny that Google ranks this on top page for “SEO Contest at IIIT Hyderabad” and not for SEOContestAtIIITHyderabad (without commas) — I should “train” it to know that it’s one and the same thing 😀


I don’t have access to an Indian IP to track the exact standings. SerpAttack, for instance, reports that I’m on 7th spot in Bing, but the results on the contest page show me on 10th. It doesn’t make a difference yet, because my entry for SEOContestAtIIITHyderabad is still dancing in both SE’s, but some time towards the end of next week I will want to see some more precise results.

I should also add that I haven’t done ANY off-page optimization yet. All current ranks are due to on-page factors (which aren’t by far optimal either, lol) and, of course, me being awesome :P. I still haven’t thought of a linking strategy — might do it some time next week.

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